​The Smiling Face

The Smiling Face
Pic Credit : Pinterest

There are two kinds of people in the world. Actors and Non-Actors. Amongst Actors, there are two kinds in the realm, the happy face and the sad.

The sad faces that you see are those who are bogged down by the tough times, reality hits them in the face and they fight. They fight tough wars and that’s what makes them the sad faces that show and tell their stories. They don’t try to sugar coat things, they know what they’re talking about and are serious. The ones most may turn to for advice or counsel. The wise cracks. Mostly found in the corner  of a room, head of a table, ahead of the others actually or mentally, the judges. Those who carry the weight of the world!

And then there are those that carry the weight of two worlds – their own and the others’.These are the happy faces, they’re not people with no troubles, no unpaid bills, no heartache, no insecurities or no stress. They’re the people who just worry more about another’s bad day, another’s worry about their unpaid bill or stress or I’ll health. They smile so another could smile, they are the ones tagged non-serious, unprofessional and class clowns because they’re actually brilliant actors who care. Who care to smile through the glistening tears that swell up their hearts. Found in the center of the room, center of the stage, center of a show or center of people’s hearts!

It is up to each one of us to choose to be either or these  actors or be a little of both; because I lied… There are no Non-Actors in this world!


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  1. Rina sharma says:

    Beautiful expression and explicitly explained

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  2. Sandeep Sharma says:

    There are people who are a little bit of both as well. They act brave in the face of adversity to take care of those who are under their wings of love and care and they baulk and fret when their loved ones face any crisis. Being judgemental is easy. Being neutral and balanced takes a lifetime of sacrifice and rigorous practice. I am still in between both states and in no positiin to advise. Do take a note but. 😊😎

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