Nobody killed Leo!

I had sworn off pets when I lost my Labrador retriever at the age of 13 or so. It was unbearable for me. When I saw my cat as a kitten for the first time, I knew she was mine and I broke my oath. She brought in happiness and love into our lives and…

​The Smiling Face

There are two kinds of people in the world. Actors and Non-Actors. Amongst Actors, there are two kinds in the realm, the happy face and the sad. The sad faces that you see are those who are bogged down by the tough times, reality hits them in the face and they fight. They fight tough…

Lost Love

The girl in a clockwork glass ball falls for the little kid who winds her up to see her dance. He is for her the source of joy, an unknown science of energy that makes her dance with utmost desire to impress. He is a dream, an awakening of a self she had long lost….

Story of a Solitaire!

I sat in a coal mine dusty and full of grime. Thinking to myself I am a coal standing the test of time. There came a boy with no qualms and full of joy. He lovingly picked me up and looked at me the way I’d never been looked at before. He took me away…

The Best way to Celebrate your Birthday!

I can not define what the lady’s face emoted. For a moment it was devoid of any emotion at all and she looked up at the sky and smiled back at me. The kid stood by her like her personal pillar of strength and he looked up at her with a happiness that humbled me beyond imagination.

My Best Personal Diary Ever! 

I connect to dragonflies as I find their short yet super active life intriguing. I like how they are the only flying creatures who can fly backwards and side ways.

Finding Motivation in Dull days!

Day 1 : Open your social media, look at people doing so well! Feel happy for your friends. Day 10 : Open your social media, look at people doing so well. Have second thoughts about your choices. Day 11 : Not opening social media, symptoms of second thoughts still on! There are days I wonder…