Shraddha Sharma is an Entrepreneur and Image Coach for Individuals and Businesses. With over 6 years of experience across industries ranging from hospitality to real estate, she has mastered the art of making the Image rules adapt according to her client so they truely feel confident and can monetize the take away!

A multi-tasker, she runs the startup Suit Up India which is a Marketplace for custom-made Fashion! It is a one of it’s kind portal which brings together bespoke seller from across the country to deliver tailor made apparel and accessories to your doorstep! Being an Image Consultant, she understands that Indian body shapes are just are varied as the dialects in our languages so tailored clothing becomes a no-brainer choice when looking for a polished, put-together look!

However busy she may be, she believes in giving back to the society and one of her ways is to spread knowledge about all good things, rules of style and learnings from life. ‘Even the smallest things we ignore as sundry, may mean so much to someone’ she says ! Hence, this blog! Not at all the boring Entrepreneur, you’d expect !


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