The colossal consequence of sadness!


Sadness is a state of being sad and Sad is being unhappy or well, just plain unfashionable! (Refer Google dictionary if you don’t believe me!) What’s amusing to me as an Image builder is how these two inferences come from the same word. Sad! Really…?

If you delve into the periphery of the human mind and study the effect of colors and objects of beauty, you’d be amazed to see that even children respond to them. Now, try and bring focus to the fact that when one is gloomy, they do, infact, reach over to full colors or their faces become full and colourless. Hence, others can tell when someone is low.

Colors of a Weather flock together in the human mind!

To me, that sounds like a cycle. One thing leads to another. So, sadness leads to gloom and gloomy people make other people sad. How have we never understood that this is where it all begins. Sages and Gurus have time and again talked about introspection and healing. Lord Krishna talks about the Sansaar within! The control of our ‘indris’. So, why are we actually not understanding that it all boils down to self.

One unhappy person can start a war. One unhappy person can run down another driving carelessly. One unhappy person can abuse another. One unhappy person can kill another. One unhappy person, not taking the onus of their happiness can turn another’s world upside down making them sad. Us, humans, are connected with an invisible thread of vibrations. ‘Vibes’ as the cool people like to call it. One Happy Person can change the vibe of an entire room!

One Human with Inner Happiness like the Rinpoche Ven Palga changes the vibe of an entire room!

Here, sitting on a beach, in my meditation, I realise that it is for my innate ability to turn my most gruesome pain into a happy smile that has stopped the buck of unhappiness for people around me. So, I ask you, my reader to be that converter of energies. Let the pain, anger, negative stop at you. Meditate it out of your system. Let it out happily!

Let’s spread positivity and smiles to everyone we encounter! #KidsOfGoa

Let there be true smiles. Take the baton of keeping the colossal cosmos positive. Truly rid it of pain at a personal level. Start with self, it will radiate onto the next person. And the next. And then that becomes a chain reaction! A Happy One!




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  1. Saurav says:

    Very well written Sherry!!

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