The Reality of Starting a StartUp!

There are trends that catch up and everyone wants a share of it. However, one trend can really bite you in the ass if you don’t know what the reality behind it is.

When I tell people I’m an entrepreneur and founder of a startup ( Suit Up India – ) which is India’s Only Online Destination for Bespoke Fashion, they are wowed. Initial thought in their brains is about the million dollar investments, the rosy rising story, the super cool work culture and flip flops at work. What everyone misses out is the endless mental and physical struggle behind making an idea work. Going from earning something (even peanuts) to earning nothing. Depleting your savings and the endless shame of being the selfish one who doesn’t earn and is floundering away time.

I am an Entrepreneur and I’m not a terrorist!

Someone very dear to me told me ‘ I have settled with the fact that you’re just an entrepreneur.’ I have heard things like ‘what do you know of aims when you earn nothing!’. Making people closest to you understand time and again the concept of break even is a pain I don’t wish anyone to go through. You’ll always be a disappointment till you’re rolling in the moolah in a middle class family and Don’t even get me started about ‘ at least get married’ bit of this torture.

In my journey, I have not found the finance, technology, marketing, PR, operations, client acquisition,client retention, revenue & profit strategies and even business plans as arduous as dealing with the family and ‘close ones’ . It is almost impossible to explain odd hours of work, casual clothes, how PR is not partying and many more things but especially that even if after all the hard work, smart work and hustle, a start-up fails, it is NOT a personal failure. You walk out as a powerhouse of wisdom if you have the earnest zest to learn!

However difficult the journey may be, the things that starting up a business can teach you, no theoretical degree can! It is invaluable experience! The grind toughens you, changes you, makes you see the 360 picture wherever you go whatever you do! So start up if you have a valid idea that seems doable and profit making, do ample research and choose partners who can add value. Make sure you have all your facts right because this is not just a roller coaster ride. It is the entire adventure park rolled into a professional experience!


Shraddha Sharma


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