Tips on how to look Phat (not Fat) !


You can be Phat even if you’re Fat!

Tips on Looking Phat ( Excellent, used to describe a beautiful girl) !

1 Wear flattering clothes according to your body shape.

It is not about how many clothes you have or how expensive your clothes are but about how you look in the piece of clothing you have and how many million dollars worth your confidence is in a dress. Buy according to your figure not trends. Also invest in good materials rather than heavy designs. They fall better and make you look slimmer. Go in for tailored customised clothing if you have a unique shape! Try Suit Up India !

2. Wear makeup to accentuate your features

Just like our body and clothes, our face needs a little pep. Be it a man or a woman, your face is your brand so take care of it, ensure proper grooming and wear occasion appropriate makeup that matches your skin in case of foundation and pops your eyecolor in case of any query makeup. Contour and Highlighter are your best friends, use them according to your face shape! Think oval face shape not slim face when contouring!

3. Wear your personality with elan!

Own who you are, love yourself, love your body and you’ll always be Phat! Makeup and clothes only enhance what you have got. They cannot make a rude obnoxious person look nice. So put your best personality traits forward and try being a good person who is assertive and know what they want in life. Confidence comes from self respect. Gain your own respect! Love yourself, pamper, spoil but don’t forget to toil !




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  1. Okay first of all: Title on point. Second of all: LOVE this post🙌😍

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    1. Sherry says:

      Thank you Kenzie!!


    1. Sherry says:

      Thank you for the love Andy! Love and Light to you!


  2. Not just stylish but so informative You have got an amazing blog my dear.


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