Story of a Solitaire!

I sat in a coal mine dusty and full of grime. Thinking to myself I am a coal standing the test of time. There came a boy with no qualms and full of joy. He lovingly picked me up and looked at me the way I’d never been looked at before. He took me away from the dusty bay.
He brushed, he washed, he scrubbed and sometimes cut me. I felt like running away. But then the day came when he finally clutched me in a tight cage of a shiny metal which was tough to adjust to.
I pained inside and looked up to God for an answer and saw admiring eyes of strangers. Every eye that passed on me looked somewhat like the glimmer of hope and wishes. They all wanted me for some reason, knowing not my struggle. I’m just a coal; Why do they ogle?
The pain is a distant memory and the glare glows in where there were dark corners. There is a light filled up where there was despair as I sit in peace as a symbol of love in the air. I realise what I went through brought me here. For Now, I am a Solitaire!



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  1. Sangeeta sharma says:

    Story is good, but i couldn’t find it consoling! Tough times are ok.. But others appreciations can’t make for the pain. Its again false ground! Your own satisfaction and comfort are real rewards.. How i feel!
    Lucid way of knitting it calls for big pat on your back!


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