How to get Naturally Highlighted Skin from your kitchen!

Hello to the Kaleidoscope of beautiful people! Here’s my favorite mask recipe that helps me stay hydrated, radiant and keeps my highlights on fleek even without a highlighter!  I made this easy graphic for you to copy and save in your phone’s for reference! #LazyGirlHacks ! Sincerely, Sherry

Beauties and Batiste !

Many many centuries ago, there were women who were horrified by the terrible plague of 2nd day hair! They loathed the oily head that made their crowns look limp and low! For a long time they emptied bottles of shampoo and fought bravely with this terrible time.  Everyday shampooing lead to fallout and conditioners left…

The Secret Summer Saver Hair Spa DIY!

Long kept secret formula! Looking for a pocket-friendly diy for your damaged hair? Need to boost shine, volume and get rid of product build up from your hair? Read on!

​How to make your own #diy  Denim #rippedjeans !!

Give your old pair a new lease of life! We all have that one pair of jeans which have been lying around in our wardrobe but hasn’t been worn as much as we’d like! I had these vibe #jeans which didn’t have enough #lycra  to add the #shape and weren’t loose enough to be worn…