BlockChain of Karma✨

What is ‘The Kaleidoscope Inc’? It is a transparent system of the able enabling the lesser able with a resource that helps them eventually become enablers of the next in the food chain! It is a BlockChain Of Karma!

Enabling the able to help and enable!

The Kaleidoscope Inc is a family of good hearted Talent that need guidance, support through education, coaching, network, finances and relevant services given by the ‘Asset’s to help them become ‘Pillars’ of a Conscientious society! We want to make a better world. A sustainable economy helping kids believe in Humanity!

Stirring the right conversations!

Our aim is to help the lower mid segment with coaching that helps them bridge the gap between education and employment in a way that brings them closer to their aspirations! We believe that a world where everyone gets a chance to do what they love is a happier world! There are more ways than one to make a child, a happy adult!

Building a fire that lights lamps in dark homes!

We plan to create an Army of Mid Segment Soldiers that know the struggles of the society and will be willing to share a percentage of their future incomes back into the trust to help the underprivileged. Thus creating a perennial lamp that lightens up the world one candle at a time! Help us create that world together!

Motivating the Assets with recognition and light!

We are building a ‘Pay It Forward’ society! We need Assets! If you’re someone who has some time on hand, a business that can help us with a service or financial aid, Comment below and we shall get in touch with you!

We thank you for this effort of coming and giving us your time! Do give us your ideas and suggestions!

The expanse of a ‘Pay It Forward’ plan is beyond our imagination!!


Shraddha Sharma aka Sherry ✨


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  1. Amit Bhagat says:

    Such a wonderful idea!


    1. Aafaq sadiq says:

      It’s really a big thing to work for the society to work for the community .In nowadays people don’t have time to think for the needy, destitute,orphans.I salute you for the job ,for new changes and I’m always with you Mam and the whole “Inspire school” team is with you.
      Let’s hope the better tomorrow for our children.

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      1. Sherry says:

        Thank you Sir! Right back at you! You’re a true inspiration for me to keep going and building this amazing way of life where the enabled enable the ones in need of enabling!


  2. ishtiyaknajar839 says:


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sherry says:

      Thank you Ishtiyak!


  3. ishtiyaknajar839 says:

    Sherry Mam ,when are you coming, we’re waiting for you?

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