Duty Bound, Peace Found!

A child’s ability to smile can easily be the metric of success in a region!

A lot of people have asked why I did what I did in Kashmir(Reference my page Sherryoscope on Instagram). Well the answer is this…

This was the first kid out of the 5 I met on my first walk around the rural Kashmir or in some sense, the real Kashmir. The kid didn’t have the natural child-like happiness and I felt like I am to blame!

I just couldn’t stop thinking about this situation. And felt responsible!

Why do we make everything about the government of our country? What about our duties towards our brethren? The kids of the villages are just as much our future as the kids in the cities! When did we humans become so selfish as to make things change only for OUR offsprings?

There is a need of winning hearts not borders. Kashmir is in need of the very Indian spirit of helping those in need that we hear before elections. I feel those who support a leadership can be the arms of that leadership too. Pick up your bag and go help kids be kids. Train them in english, hindi, culture, etiquette, dance, music or some life sustaining skill!

This was a temporary fix with some quick wit and humour but I knew I had to do more!

Do something instead of blaming circumstances!

I have a plan to go back again this time with artillery in the form of more people to uplift their lives, comment below to join in!

Even if you’re in some other part of the world and can send aid in the form of ideas, we would appreciate the help! Do join in!


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  1. Anupama says:

    Amazing line of thought… hope more and more people join you on this journey!


      1. Kartikey says:

        Your positive energy and outlook is an inspiration and motivation for me.
        More power to you.

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  2. Aafaq sadiq says:

    Mam, The kids are waiting for you and they are asking when’ll the “sherry Mam “come to kashmir .I’ve to answer their questions and I’m trying to …. But please Mam, come as soon as possible.Kids need you ,your support and the love you’ve given to them. You’ve to do something for them for Kashmir. There is a hope in them and that is you!
    Lots of love from kids! Blessings ❤️ Mam!
    We all are waiting for you?

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  3. Altaf Hussain says:

    Hi sherry Mam! How are you?when are coming back to Kashmir Mam ,we are waiting for you .Aafaq sir told many times that you are coming ?? Aap please aajayiye wapas ,hum Sab intizar Kar rahe Hain Aapka. Aap kab aayenge Mam?

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    1. Sherry says:

      I’m working on building a Trust so our endeavours to help kids are backed by truly good-willed humans from across the globe! I hope it is ready and I’m able to fly to meet you all in October!


  4. Ishtiyak Ahmad Najar says:

    Sherry Mam ,when are you coming, we’re waiting for you?

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    1. Sherry says:

      Ishtiyak ji… Kashmir is on top of my list because of the beautiful hospitality i got from my family there. I want to come this time with more preparation so I’m able to help motivate and inspire 10x this time!


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