How to do ‘Halloween ‘ right!

I know I know! It is not even an Indian festival but since when do we need an excuse to enjoy, party and duh! Dress up!?Halloween celebrates the departed and death. Almost in a way that recognises how important each moment of our lives is! Such an incredible thought!

Since it is a western festival, I have taken inspiration from the friends and makeup family abroad to create my looks each Halloween while throwing in creative input from my side! My first Halloween here three years ago, I was the “Dead Leopard” owing to the Def Leopard craze I once had! Then I was the “Egyptian Mermaid” given the fact that it is a desert I died and became a Halloween theme😂 ! This Halloween was time to up the game so I DIYed these costumes for us to be the ‘ Honor Killed Corpse Couple’ to openly create awareness on the topic the recent movie Dhadak touched upon.

I always have elaborate stories about my costume and this time it was a Christian Bride and a Sikh Groom who were killed for their inocuous love! I feel these topics talked about in light hearted mannerism still has the same enlightening effect as them in a movie! Enough with the life gyaan and let’s delve into how I did it!

DRESS : So I began with the hunt for a perfect dress! And found this ancient one I wore for my freshers at ITC (my first job!). Yes I still had it for keepsake! I dusted it with bronzer just enough to give it the dirty and ‘I was buried once’ feel! But later in the night I added more blood ( read peel off lipstick which is superb as clotted blood)

CROWN : I worked on the crown with a neck fur part of a jacket and some handmade roses with wire and twisted them together into a crown.

GLOVES : These are actually panty hose cut the right size for till my elbow and made holes into for fingers!

HAIR : You cannot see clearly but I chalked my hair with a bluish chalk for the dead lifelessness. Used a heck lot of Dry shampoo. I prefer Batiste only!

MAKEUP : This is the fun part. I primed my face with Tarte Cosmetics Primer as that was the most important! Used a Lakme foundation all over my visible body and face in a color two tones lighter to go gray! The bronzed dead sunken cheeks and made cuts leading a Ross my face as if I were defaced by honor killers and haters! My Lips are way over lined to change my appearance and eyes given an elaborate makeup given that I was an Indian Christian Bride!

DETAILS : The God is in details so I didn’t stop at that, I added a wedding ring on to the ring finger. I added a flower bracelet in lieu of a bouquet. The crown was a beautiful addition that I enjoyed wearing and kept me warm and threw on a fur armlet ..just cz I’m dead , don’t mean I’mma not be fancy!😈

Heck it’s Halloween!!! So this was my look! What did you do for your Halloween? Tell me all about it !

Lastly but most importantly I enjoyed myself and felt every bit proud in my costume. I think that’s what made us win the best costume award at Prankster in Gurgaon!

Much love.

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