Reviewed : Handi Biryani – Sarita Vihar

The first thing that impressed me of my dinner delivery tonight has to be the packaging of the food. Reusable Food Containers are just so much more ecologically sensible than cheap quality plastic that is not only harmful to the environment but to our health’s as well! The handi that they cook the biryani in is the handi you get so each aroma is intact and you get to open the atta dum yourself to have a restaurant experience at home! Each grain of rice perfectly separate from the other! Amazing colors and gracious aroma enough to fill the room!

Delicious, delicately aromatic and al dente ( perfectly cooked but still firm when you chew it) Biryani with thick gravy coated boneless chicken which was just right. The raita served with it is thick creamy consistency, not exactly burani raita but probably intelligibly kept so to not fuse the strong aromas of the biryani. The Red Velvet lava cake was warm and has a gooey red filling, tasty but I missed the mascarpone element! I’d love to see them experiment more with vegetarian starters though Bhuna Paneer was delicious.

Service was to the point and courteous! This s ood as you’ll be asking for more once you taste the perfect blend of their biryani!




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