The Gentle Rub Glow Tub – Ryaal Mr.Beans Scrub Mask! 

A cup of hot coffee and scrubs – both are my favorite things so when I saw this cute tub of scrub and mask offering the goodness of Arabica Coffee, I couldn’t resist and order my tub of Mr. Beans from Amazon

Coffee Scrub for Glowing skin
The Ryaal Mr.Beans Organic Coffee Scrub!

Packaged nicely in a tinier than the picture black lush like tub, the tub is a brilliant add on to my vanity! Sturdy and expensive looking, this tub only costs about INR 499/- and they have an INR 3.81/- charge for delivery which I must say is super cheap! 

Ryaal Mr. Beans Coffee Scrubs
The texture and consistency of Ryaal Mr.Beans Coffee Scrub is just perfect!

The tub is smaller than it looks in the picture on Amazon but you need very little of this potent formula. It boasts of Arabica Coffee which is one of the best and comes from Ethiopia. It is not only a great scrub and mask but the high fatty acid content in these beans is excellent for treating uneven texture of skin. Leaves it soft and supple! The caffeine helps with evening the skin tone and tightening and toning the skin. There are other magical ingredients like Kaolin clay which is a power house of benefits for our skin. It is known to detoxify and purify pores, heal irritated skin and reduce excess oil production. Mr. Beans Organic Coffee Scrub also has Fuller’s Earth or Multani Mitti which helps with acne, remove scars and renders elasticity to skin!

Ryaal Mr. Beans Coffee Scrub
The perfect scrub for all your skin needs!

The texture is coarse and a peanut size dollop is enough for a decent every other day face scrub, a half tablespoon will be enough for a plenty mask. The fragrance is of strong coffee and I find the vanilla drowns in that! The scrub feels super good on the face and rinses off initially leaving a coffee stain on the skin and once you rinse it off, skin actually feels tighter, and a tingling feeling remains for about 15 minutes. Then on the skin is so good that you don’t need to wear makeup! No kidding! The Coffee scrubs, the Kaolin and Fuller’s Earth tone and moisturised. Result is a toned, younger looking, beautiful skin that remains soft all day long!

Excellent must buy product! Get yours today!




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