The Jungle Cafe – Reviewed!

The Jungle Cafe, Sainik Farms is a free country in itself. Without alcohol, this place manages to pull a more than decent crowd for the epic hookahs and delicious food! 

If you’re a typical delhiite, you’d  think of an evening out as drinks, dancing and hooting people. The Jungle Cafe is going to change your perception! This is a place, you actually come to unwind. Dress your best ’cause this ain’t no place for them pajamas unless they’re couture. Style and status bar rides high here as no stone has been left unturned for creating a beautiful ambience. With outdoors, indoors and a 1st floor level seating area that serves some of the biggest and best hookahs, this Cafe is going to grow on you as you fade the night away till 4am!

Food here surpassed my expectations! I was limited to eating Vegetarian this time but I had so many options I was surprised! The best was the Malai Chaamp and the Paneer Dimsums. The Malai Chaamp was soft and wrapped in rich cream delicately spiced to perfection. The Paneer Dimsums as well as the Vegetarian Dimsums were no less than gourmet quality. Thin sheets with adequate stuffing spiced and salted perfectly. The Mushroom Tikka is a delight with mushrooms stacked together tightly ensuring a crispier than usual bite. Try out the Thai Curry in the mains, I personally loved the red Thai Curry alot with rice. Amongst other epic dishes which we enjoyed were Butter Chicken, Daal Makhni and Chicken Tikka. The food in all is a high point of the place.


The shakes here are duh’liciouss! Loved the Strawberry Cheesecake to death. I do wish that their mocktail get some rework as all of them almost are similar but the team ensured they’re working on it so we should be good there!


Hookahs here are all tall and swanky so there is no chance of you ending up with a tiny bubble ball as your next table flaunts their kingly edifice. πŸ˜‚ I always found this sad so I really enjoyed the royalty with which all hookahs here are huge and have the perfect smoke and flavor with attentive hookah brigade. I personally enjoy the Commissioner the most so I stuck to it but the Pan Mint was nice and cool without having stuck my throat in the chest. The hookah is made in house and is one of the best in Delhi without a doubt! 
I’ll be surely seen hanging out here post parties soon!

Hope you have a good time here as I did


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