The Truth about Keratin Hair Treatment!

Keratin Hair Treatment is one of the most popular of hair treatments all over the world! Fascinating however it may have been, I was sceptical about doing something close to permanent with my gorgeous hair which had a few minor flaws. 

(Before and After pictures at the end of the blog!)

To describe my hair before the treatment – Rough, Damaged and Brittle. After a lot of coloring and chemicals, my hair was a mess and honestly my salon specialist Daksh at Revive Salon, Faridabad did suggest the treatment a lot of times. I researched day and night about the pros and cons before finally giving in my deposit for the appointment!

What is Keratin?

In the simplest terms, it is the hair protein that our hair is built of. It is the building block that we lose to damage by color, chemicals and blow drying to name a few pains we make our hair go through! 

The Process 

The process begins with a thorough shampoo to remove any possible dirt and grime from your hair shafts. A processing shampoo is used to gently scrub the scalp free of oils to prep for the Keratin treatment.

Then your hair is dried and each strand is coated with the Keratin solution to ensure each inch of the hair is evenly coated in the mixture. Post this application, hair is blow dried and then ironed to help the keratin penetrate deep into the hair. This takes about 3 to 4 hours for below shoulder length. There are a lot fumes that irritate your breathing and you must cover your nose as much as possible!

The Wait

If you thought the process of around 4 hours was tedious, then you have to know that the wait period before a shampoo and final straightening is for 48 hours at the least. The solution is left on your hair and your movements are restricted for about 2 to 3 days. Sleeping was the most difficult part of the day because I’m used to sleeping on my stomach or my side.


The finale includes a thorough wash and straightening hair for one last time. The results are impeccably shiny, silly soft celebrity-like hair! I must say that the whole struggle is paid off in full once you see your brand new poster hair! The damage is cured but a teeny tiny trim of the ends makes it even better!

+ Shiny, sleek and frizz free hair

+ Faster Styling and blow drying

+ Low maintenance as per time taken.

+ No need of oiling or hair spas for a month or more

+Great for office goers, reduces time take to get ready 

Expensive Treatment

– Claims of being carcenogenic are scary

– On my hair, stayed only for one month

– Hair is left worse than before once the treatment wears off making it necessary the second time around.

– Only specific Shampoo and Conditioner to be used which is expensive too

– Hair becomes straight

Keratin treatment, like a lot of other cosmetic treatments is not a health supplement, it is a ‘chemical’ treatment after all. I recommend consulting a doctor and a tried and tested expert before going on with this. I loved the results till they lasted and my hair was dream like for the period I had Keratin but I feel it is not worth all the money given the fact that it washes off leaving hair worse that they were to begin with and also, the Cancer threat is not worth taking this risk!

Get Hair spas, eat Biotin tablets and use DIY Hair Masks and I’m sure hair can get better without this chemical therapy! For any query, as always feel free to leave a comment !!


Before : 

After :


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  1. Arti Singh says:

    Very insightful… Good compilation..
    And how about home care after treatment

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sherry says:

      Thank you!! One needs to use a sulphate free shampoo and a good conditioner !


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