Appu Ghar Gurgaon – The perfect place to beat the heat !

Appu Ghar Review
My youngest cousin- Nehal with Appu!

Appu Ghar was the first entertainment park I visited as a child and was smitten by the wide spread area. It had numerous rides and even an attached water park! I remember how the song ‘Brazil’ was the Appu Ghar anthem at the time! 
Fast Forward to the present and Appu Ghar has relaunched itself! In the hub of the corporates, this has to be the next big thing for entertainment as the city was begging for something more than the mushrooming restaurants, pubs and malls. 
We reached the water park around 3p.m. on a weekday and it was still bustling with energy. The tickets are available online and on arrival both. The entry tickets range between 799 to 1299 per person depending on age, height and occasion. While you’re buying your ticket you can ask for a cash band for your lockers, food and other purchases inside. It is a genius idea to help you with carrying money in a digital form to the park. Be sure to take it with your tickets. Cash or cards are not accepted inside. Another thing to keep in mind is to wear nylon and polyester clothing that is slippery enough for the rides and won’t cause friction or else they won’t allow you in for most slides. However if you forget to get yours, don’t fret as you can rent one here!
There are about 12 different slides and pools in a well managed small area. They have a tall 92 ft drop slide which is a must do for dare devils. However others are fun and exciting too. They do have the usual lazy river and wave pool with temperature control. Also present is a kids special area with smaller version of these slides. All these rides are well managed and the guards are attentive.
How can we not have food where there is so much activity? There are food stalls in the middle and at the entry of the water park and you can buy anything with the help of the band.  They have a patisserie inside if you’re there to celebrate birthdays like we were. There is gift/ souvenir shop inside if you forget to bring your birthday bud a present!
The park is a perfect spot for kids of ages 4 and above! Adults of all ages would love the place too. A group can buy group tickets online for better prices. I hope this helps! 


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  1. A great place for recreation, fun and amusements.
    Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Sherry says:


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  2. Prisha Lalwani (Mummasaurus) says:

    i hve some really dear memories of Appughar… i never knew we have it reopened in Gurgaon! Would definitely want to go there.


    1. Sherry says:

      Not even close to as awesome as the old one was but still good and more managed !


  3. Nice review about the place.


  4. Dr Bushra says:

    Appu ghar remind me of my childhood but never been to the one in gurgaon

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  5. How awesome that in an era of amusement parks they r retaining the good ol’ Apughar. Love the new additions
    Thank you for sharing.

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    1. Sherry says:

      My pleasure!!


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