PitStop BrewPub, Gurgaon

There is so much out there in 29 sector and yet nothing like this one! I love a place which has something to offer for everyone! Sumptuous food, toothsome desserts, carefully curated cocktails, choicest whiskeys and wines, assiduous service and an out of the books go carting experience or may I say Sky Carting!

I was bewildered at the idea of go carting as I am not known to be fond of driving but may I say that that bewilderment turned into wonderment after the first go. I may have reserved the last spot both the times I carted but the sheer thrill of driving in the multilevel polished smooth course was exhilarating.

Their carts are imported from France and the track is built in with spring board on the sides instead of the regular tyres so you don’t crash, you’re propelled forth and you drive on! It is perfect for amateurs to experts as the entire track is manned! There’s someone standing near each turn with flags. Safety Instructors are strict and hygiene is taken care of. I’d not wear heels here if I were you but even if you do, you can slip into their collection of crocs !

Now as if that would not have sufficed an experience in itself, Pitstop has the best service team of any restaurant in Delhi NCR! Ever smiling and courteous. Their game fun culture rooted in their spirit. Ashish, the guest relations manager to Vikas and Surender who served us for the night were extremely thorough with their menus and know what you’d need for an epic night The bartender team Mohit and Govind are due the credit of stirring some mean martinis… Or may I say shaken not stirred? While we speak of that Sushil recommended us an off the menu Nutwar Lal which was a guava based surprise martini. If you’re not the sweet cocktail type and need a spunk, find this guy!

Without further ado, let me now come to the point of glutton buds and mention my top favourite recommendations for the grub that all the dancing and carting will induce!

There is a decent range in the menu that throws in punches of Indian spiciness to the Asian goodness. The star here is the #BurrahKabab which is marinated in raw papaya and breaks at the first kiss! These guys sure know how it’s done! The Galautis are a close second with mild spices and the beaten meat ready to melt in a second. I was honestly not expecting this perfection in Indian food from a gaming pub. #Surprise !

The calamari Tempura Salad is perfection! The right amount of crunch and green! Ahh! To kick off a perfect meal, the best there could be. I could go to Pitstop just to have this and the Tempura stuffed mushrooms with Thyme and Basil. That, my friends is what Galautis would look like if they were french! The absolute ease with with the creamy mushroom explodes with the thyme and basil complimenting the sparks is inexplicable!

I would love the Tawa Paneer and Murg Saagwala in the main course and the Jhinga Dum Masala in the main course. The gooey chocolate brownies with the chocolate spoon has to be their best dessert though the Red Velvet runs a close second.
Now that you know this Pitstop is the perfect servicing and refuelling pit in town for your racing spirits, head over for a thrilling date, a brunch with friends or a family night; you’re sure to have the best time!

Thank you for reading!

Stay tuned to read about more such interesting places in the city!


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  1. komalagarwal75 says:

    Awsome..yummy foods😋😋😋

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  2. Have heard a lot about this place….on of the places on my list to must visit

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  3. The place looks great.

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